{THE AND} Amusing Edition


{THE AND} Amusing Edition card game will get you belly laughing (and bonding) as you build connection. While this deck...Read More

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3% net profits to charity
These quirky questions will tickle your funny bone, get you talking, and take you on a trip that twists and turns through new ways to connect as you experience a lighter side of {THE AND}.
Lighten the mood anytime a hefty dose of laughter is called for while creating connection.
Belly laugh as you bond.
Open your mind and heart as you experience the benefits of letting loose with a good laugh.
The only rule we have is to be honest. Other than that, it’s easy - players sit closely together, pick 12 cards, and take turns reading and answering all 12. You should try to answer every question, but you do have the option to pass, if you like. The full “rules” can be found on the packaging for more details.


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