I'm Blown Away By You | {THE AND} Shiloh & Keith

I'm Blown Away By You | {THE AND} Shiloh & Keith

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Shiloh (she/her) & Keith (he/him) have been together for 11 years. In their relationship, they've both learned how to express their feelings to each other in a healthy way, how to approach any problem from a place of understanding, empathy and deep listening, and how to add value to one another's lives. They did long distance for a while and became very supportive of each other; shortly after getting married they found out about Shiloh's endometriosis and it led to them always try and address conflict with love, care and respect.

Beyond just time, their relationship has been a canvas of transformative experiences. Through the highs and lows, they've masterfully honed the art of articulating emotions in a way that nourishes their bond. The essence of their connection lies not only in the absence of conflict but in their shared ability to confront challenges with unwavering understanding, compassion, and a commitment to profound attentiveness. Even when separated by distance, their love not only endured but thrived, each moment of longing cultivating an unbreakable support system. As their journey led them to marriage, life unveiled an unforeseen challenge - Shiloh's battle with endometriosis. However, rather than succumbing to adversity, this revelation became a catalyst for them to infuse even more tenderness and patience into their interactions. The resilience with which they address conflicts reflects their profound affection and respect for one another, affirming that love is not just a feeling, but a conscious and continuous choice.

As we explore new perspectives we invite you to step into the emotional space of connection and experience the deeper lessons that shared experiences can afford humanity. To everyone who has participated openly and vulnerably in our project - we appreciate what you have shared with us and hope others do as well.



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